You’re The Boss

While taking my blog hiatus I didn’t take a complete hiatus and actually set up a Tumblr account where I lurk and reblog some favourite images (you can check it out here: A Champagne Moods Time)

Some of the tags I followed included favourite actors, royalty, and Miranda Kerr. I love her as a model and her streetstyle is normally pretty amazing (I say that because I once saw her wearing the same top that I have and said “Wow! This girl knows what she’s doing!”….and in all seriousness followed that up with “and I obviously also pair it with tight gorgeous jeans that showcase my height, along with thigh-heigh leather boots. Amatures.”)

Anyways, it turns out that she has recently taken on the role of singer (yes, I know…we all remember Tyra Banks’ attempt, though I really did like that one and played it often on the school bus). I had never heard of the guy before but I guess he is an established singer. I am normally really harsh on Rat Pack wannabes simply because I believe no one can do it as well and so they shouldn’t try and should find their own niche so take the following with a grain of salt: he was trying way too hard and it comes off a bit cheesy, and she really borrowed her Victoria Secret ad moves. But I am as much of a sucker for great shots and Rat Pack era style as the next girl. Also, while I initially didn’t like the song, I can’t get it out of my head (and think I might now actually love it) and keep rewatching the video. Therefore, I thought I’d share it and let you be the judge!

Let me know what you think!

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods

P.S. In case you forgot Tyra Banks’ music adventure, here it is (aahhh! Remember early 2000s dance pop? Good stuff.):


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