A follow-up on the Met Gala

When I woke up the morning after writing yesterday’s Met Gala post, there were new pictures and new ides. I decided to round up a few for a quick post today. So here’s a little follow-up on the Met Gala: 1) Kate Bosworth Makes my best dressed list. I thought she looked amazing. It was simple and perfect and outstanding. It was also pretty ladylike in the front and so sexy in the back: 2) Loved this shot of the Beckhams. It may go down as my favourite of the night and cements them in my eyes as fashion royalty: 3) Karolina Kurkova. I talked about how much I loved her dress and the print (and I still do). But upon further reflection, it reminded me a little bit of the wallpaper in Emily Schuman’s (of Cupcakes and Cashmere) powder room in terms of the whole giant flower and grey/blue background theme:


4) Colin Firth. He reminded us, once again, why we all fell in love with Mr. Darcy. He looked great and I can’t imagine what else he’s hiding away in his Pemberley closet. 5) This last one made my day/life. I wrote yesterday’s blog when the Met Gala was just getting started. Obviously Benedict Cumberbatch and I (or his stylist or friend and I – but let’s say Cumberbatch and I because I like that better) share a telepathic connection because he seems to have taken inspiration from the song I assigned to the post and was chosen based on his attire. Yes, that’s right…he put on a top hat! Thank you! I’m done.

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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