Met Gala 2014

I’m back in time for the annual Met Gala, which as you’ve likely been seeing everywhere took place last night and always ups the fashion ante. At $25,000 a plate, there is no excuse to leave the fabulous at home. If you were a frequent visitor to my blog when I was posting regularly up until last Fall, you would no doubt realize just how huge a smile this year’s theme put on my face. The night was a tribute to Charles James, who is billed as America’s First Couturier. What a welcome change of direction from last year’s punk disaster. As always, there were some good, some wow, and some awful. This year there was even (much to my delight) some Cumberbatch!

Top Woman’s Fashion of the Night Award:

Anna Kendrick – LOVE! So ladylike and classy (and so Audrey) with a flirt with mischief with that hint of midriff through the cut-out

Here are my favourites (i.e. those that I felt really went for it and fit the vintage couture vibe):

Karolina Kurkova – that print! In Rachel Zoe’s words “I DIE”
Hailee Steinfeld – check out that lovely hint of Cinderella pink from the lining

Bonus (a video interview with Hailee showing more details of the dress like the lovely line of buttons at the back):

Others that I loved but maybe played it a bit safe:

Emma Stone
Victoria Beckham who looked great but could have been on any red carpet and didn’t really make it “Met Gala” special
Rachel McAdams
Amber Heard
Bee Shaffer (Anna Wintour’s daughter)

On the fence:

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita: She owned flapper girl at this event – someone should cast her in the next 20s flick. I actually really loved it but relegated it to “on the fence” because it doesn’t fit “playing it safe” and doesn’t fit my favourites list because of those awful feathers. Get rid of the feathers and I would call this a top fashion moment.

Dakota Johnson
Kendall Kardashian – I put this in here just because I think while the dress is “eeh” (i.e. don’t wear Topshop to the Met gala unless you decide to have it tailored so it fits) everything else from her makeup, Chopard jewels, and hairstyle really make the list.

Let’s hear it for the men

You all know how I love men’s fashion and enjoy the subtlety of men’s tailoring which can make very loud statements. Beckham was a standout as usual:

David Beckham

But my top award of the night:

Just when I think I’m over it, he pulls me back in! Of course, the top fashion/style/class/everything award of the night has to go to Benedict Cumberbatch. No contest. He looked fabulous. He totally got the “vintage couture white tie” notice and outshone all the other guests with a full white tie and tails (Note: Huffington Post agrees).

Yes to everything. Look at the great details.

And he even kind of held his own in a photo with Tom Ford – name one other individual who could do that when Tom Ford is looking his best? You can’t. There is NO ONE. Cumberbatch’s full white tie and tails allows me to turn to another classic man and one of my favourite film scenes and choose this post’s theme song: (In my mind, I am totally imagining him singing this while preparing for the event)

Bonus interview with fashion favourite Andre Leon Talley (who is the source of the ultimate fashion quote in The September Issue “there is a famine of beauty!”):

What are your thoughts? Who were your favourites?

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods

P.S. A special shout-out and thank you to Laura for messaging me and prompting me to post about the event, which reminded me about how much I missed this blog and all of you. xo

Picture sources: Daily Mail, Huffington Post


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