Exam Exile Reprieve…for a Burberry Blanket

I had to come out from my exam exile at some point, so this is me briefly peeking out my head from my hibernation for one post – simply because, let’s face it, a trend was made today. I wasn’t totally enamoured with Burberry A/W 2014 show this morning – too many prints all together that (taken apart and examined on their own) I would likely find gorgeous. To me (and I know that this is an unpopular opinion) all the models just looked a mess. However, there was one item that stood out and is pretty much guaranteed to be THE trend for the season: those gorgeous monogrammed blankets all the models walked out with at the end.


I never got the whole walking around with your blanket thing but now, especially after this winter that must be the definition of hell freezing over, some cozy burberry check is just what I’ll need if it continues into next year.

It’s amazing that no one has really attempted to make a new dent in the fashion blanket industry up until now – and its smart to send it out as fashion instead of a housing item. The Hermes blanket definitely seems to have the monopoly as the cover of choice to denote status and coziness. However, it looks like Hermes might be in trouble for the next little while. While I definitely wouldn’t say no to one of their creations, I’m screaming a loud “YES!” to a (monogrammed with my initials – please) Burberry blanket.

Are you saying DO or DON’T?

I will be back in April unless another fashion moment occurs!

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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