Tis The Season

Well, the parade floats have floated, the turkey has waddled, and (incredibly, at the same time) a Chanukah candle has been lit. It is officially the seasons…of shopping madness. While I am excited to see all the deals coming out and definitely have my eye on a few things, this year I’m looking forward to a few other things: having time now that lecturing is done, and once exam grading is over, to recommit myself to you – to my Champagne Moods readers and my Champagne Moods space. This break from content posts has been hard but I feel it was necessary for my sanity. I didn’t like that I was giving you posts that normally wouldn’t make the cut, just for the sake of posting. This break from Champagne Moods and the full force/wonderful insanity that has been my work life, has, interestingly, helped me reaffirm my aesthetic (read: massive home and closet overhaul – and now it’s the blog’s turn). I feel that I have a stronger vision of who I am, what I am, and subsequently where I want to take this blog over the holidays and in 2014.

If I was no longer inspired, how could you be? I feel that in the race to get you a post every day, I was forgetting what Champagne Moods was all about: providing me, and especially you, dear readers with a dose of bubbles. Something that makes your heart shiver and go “YES!, that’s me, that’s what I want, that’s what I long for, and this is how I want to see the world”. I have been having many of those moments lately. I look around me and feel so much promise and so much desire to start again that it feels it is going to come bursting out of my hands into my keyboard. I am so excited! Therefore, while content may end up being less frequent (i.e. not daily, as it was before life took over), I have decided to embrace the “good things are worth waiting for, darling!” attitude. Hopefully you like where it goes too!

In the meantime, here is a definite “heart shivers! that’s me!” moment/attitude. Something that is definitely full of bubbles (both real and metaphorical). A new video from Kate Spade:

Sending you all my love and, as always, the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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