National Theatre


Saturday was a really bad day but it definitely had a bright spot when I headed over to the local Cineplex to watch the National Theatre Live 50 years on stage anniversary performance – a theatre performance that took place in London and was broadcast live to the world’s movie theatres so everyone could enjoy (what a wonderful inclusionary and amazing way to use technology). To celebrate their 50 year anniversary, the National Theatre put together a collection of their best talent (and talent is not enough to describe it – these actors are amazing and their performance spellbinding – someone used the word “titans” of the stage, I think that fits) and in different combos they performed quick snippets of plays and musicals that had been performed by the National Theatre over the past 5 decades. While I definitely went for my favourite actors, I came out a fan of everyone. The time went so quickly, I highly suggest you check it out!

They will be reshowing the event in movie theatres soon but you can also watch the whole thing (minus the intro video on Olivier creating the National Theatre that doesn’t seem to be included) here.

As well, here are some clips of some of my favourites though others are definitely missing as they haven’t been uploaded on their own (e.g. One Man Two Guvners, Derek Jacobi & Michael Gambon in No Man’s Land, Ian McKellan video of Richard III, Roger Allam doing a monologue from Copenhagen, Ralph Fiennes in Pravda, etc.)

This one from Angels in America with 2 favourite actors (Dominic Cooper & Andrew Scott) had me first laughing and then crying: 

Benedict Cumberbatch with his wonderful voice and perfect acting blowing it out of the park as usual:

A very funny scene from The History Boys:

A bad recording of a wonderful video shared of Maggie Smith in Hay Fever:

A recorded scene from Amadeus:

I was definitely jealous of those in the audience at the National Theatre in London, not just because they saw everything up close and personal but because this has definitely given me the theatre bug – and they get to go out and be in LONDON and soak it in and see a play or musical every night if they wish. Meanwhile, as much as I like where I am, the West End, SOHO, Oxford Circus, Thames, Knightsbridge it is not.

Here’s hoping I land there soon! Meanwhile, it’s wonderful to enjoy the marvellous gifts of these insanely perfect actors, writers, directors, and crew.

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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