Can’t Cook Chocolate Cake

I would like to think that I can cook and that I am rather good at it (something you may judge if you take a look at my other food posts on this blog) – maybe not as good as my parents, aunts, and grandmother, but slowly on my way there. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement and I look forward to learning new tricks. Thus I have been eyeing the “I Can’t Cookbook” for awhile.

While I have yet to try any main course dishes from the cookbook, I decided to give one of the desserts a try in order to celebrate a friend’s recent achievement. I chose the flourless chocolate cake. The instructions were very clear with the overall recipe being quite easy to follow with no adjustments needed (though I did not include the brandy and would personally put much less sugar as I’m not one for things being overly sweet). The final result was impressive to say the least. I tried a slice out of the oven and then cut the rest up like brownies to bring to the lab. They were a giant hit and everything was gone within a few hours.

So far this is definitely a must buy.




Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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