Festival des Métiers by Hermès

Another wonderful exhibit that I checked out this past weekend at the Design Exchange was the Festival des Métiers by Hermès. This was a wonderful chance to get up close and watch real artists at work as they talked us through the making of some of the world’s most coveted fashion and accessory items. There, in front of your eyes to watch, touch, and examine, was a Kelly bag being made from scratch, one of Hermès famous saddles, a pair of gloves taking shape, as well as their famous scarves. Also being presented were ties, watches, and baby clothes. It was amazing watching how they worked – how a small piece of leather was stretched to make a canvas, how a print turns into a scarf. The fine needlework being done on the baby clothes was a complete thrill to watch. It was only in Toronto for a week but this exhibit has been travelling the world and I highly suggest that you check it out if it happens to be nearby.

I ended up going twice to see items at different parts of their creative process. Here are pictures from my visits:




Gloves (maybe my favourite – it was amazing how he stretched the leather!)





20131009-203312.jpg 20131009-203322.jpg 20131009-203333.jpg 20131009-203344.jpg


Baby Clothes




20131009-203301.jpg 20131009-203733.jpg 20131009-203723.jpg


Ceramic plates (they are all hand painted – the artistry is amazing!)

20131009-203545.jpg 20131009-203501.jpg



20131009-203238.jpg 20131009-203250.jpg 20131009-203702.jpg





20131009-203440.jpg 20131009-203406.jpg


The famous Kelly

20131009-203228.jpg 20131009-203417.jpg 20131009-203427.jpg 20131009-203217.jpg 20131009-203609.jpg 20131009-203558.jpg 20131009-203619.jpg 20131009-203628.jpg 20131009-203650.jpg 20131009-203639.jpg


Did you check it out? What did you think?

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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