French Lingerie

The Design Exchange in Toronto has quickly become my favourite museum. From the Louboutin exhibit that I visited in the summer to two new exhibits that I eagerly looked forward to and visited last weekend. The first exhibit that I will be writing about today and runs until October 13th is about the past 100 years of French lingerie.

I was visiting a good friend for the weekend and dragged her along with another friend to visit the exhibit with me. Thankfully they both enjoyed it just as much as I did. Besides the beautiful pieces, it was really interesting learning about how changes in lingerie occurred and how they often accompanied innovations in textile, new fashion (e.g. the garter only went out with the advent of the mini skirt – it makes sense if you think about it because the mini skirt would end up showing the garter belt) or advancements in the role of women. I highly recommend this exhibit if for no other reason that it gets you to think a little bit more about an item of clothing that is rarely discussed and examined. Furthermore, it’s definitely inspiring and makes you realize that one can also (and should also) have style for items of clothing that only you can see.

Here are some pictures I took at the exhibit:

french lingerie

corset french lingerie

french lingerie champagnemoods.jpg




Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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