The little things

Fall is definitely here and it is my favourite season in terms of enjoying the little things: the renewed welcome of the taste of pumpkin found once again in recipes (this one looks great or check out my vegan mini pumpkin pies that I can’t wait to start making again), my favourite Rougemont apple juice is in season (and the resulting joy of apple cider and the scent of its spice), getting onto a path before it has been cleaned in order to crunch on leaves (the only reason I used to love going to morning classes as an undergrad), smelling that crispness in the air that is unique to Fall and tells you on some fundamental level that the season has come, the slight chill in the morning when you wake up (a welcome relief from the summer sweat), and the related weight of the duvet that you can now curl up in at night, the gorgeous colours of the leaves – something that I feel the Eastern coast outshines every other location for, and watching animals enjoy the season. I will admit to spending about 5 minutes the other day standing still outdoors, entranced as I watched a group of squirrels systematically break down the shells around nuts and various fruit on a tree. It was amazing. Indeed, this time of year is all about enjoying the little things and finding your inner childlike enjoyment and wonder – something I feel is completely embodied by the following video of a Husky finding joy in the seemingly mundane:

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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