Is it Spring yet?

Yesterday my lovefest with J. Crew continued as they displayed their women’s fashion for Spring/Summer 2014. The fashion community seems desperate to remind us that the heavenly days of sun and lazy spring fever are behind us and that we have a long time to go before we can experience it all again – and they dangle the carrot a little to well by revealing all the wonderful things we will be wearing starting April…now. Thank you, fashion world (note sarcasm).

Anyways, J Crew stayed true to all the things I love about them: colours, quality, originality, something that doesn’t look fussy but you know was made well. The inspiration behind their design was “a duality between the bold colours and Hawaiian florals of surfers on the Californian coast, set against European beach culture at the turn of the century, in particular, the Venetian coast, boardwalk promenades dressed in elegant eyelet whites and gondolier stripes.”

Cali spirit with European elegance? J. Crew you have found the ideal me!!!! I aim to spend the next six months dreaming of myself in these outfits while lounging in my (imaginary) tasteful LA home (read: Brentwood mansion) surrounded by my (imaginary) souvenirs from decadent Eurotrips. But, hey, that’s what fashion is all about: an imaginary life to inspire us and let us hide away when the sun refuses to shine.

Here are some pictures from the J. Crew show, click on them for the original source:

One note: could do without the sunglasses!

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne moods


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