A chic pique-nique

Remember awhile ago when I shared a lovely Parisian event with all of you (see here) well the ante has just been officially upped – and by the gold medalists of ante upping: Beverly Hills.

Participants knew that what they were calling a “white dinner flash mob” was going to be happening somewhere in Los Angeles. But imagine their surprise when the bus took them to a specially roped off Rodeo Drive!

One of the participants poetically called the night “a random act of elegance” though I’m sure the organizers would hardly call it random at all. My favourite quote of the night is from original founder of Dîner en Blanc, François Pasquier, who called the Beverly Hills version “such a chic pique-nique”. Perfection!

(Note: the pictures are from a variety of different sources, click on them to reach them and get more info — also, thank you to my parents for telling me about the event)

I’m thinking their encore next year will take place in the Hollywood Bowl. That would be the only way to improve upon this location – unless maybe a Malibu beach version?

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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