Fantasy Bag

I have brought forward many bags that I would love to have if they weren’t..let’s say…more than rent. I have finally accepted that the Mulberry Polly Push bag will not be mine unless I am willing to pay $2000 for a used one on eBay (I am not) and the Kardashians have devalued Hermes (at least they are so far only seen with Birkins and not Kellys – maybe they realize that some things are sacred). But a girl has to dream and with so many big events coming up in the next school year it’s nice to think about what my ideal reward would be. Here are some of the bags turning my head right now in fantasyland:

Saint Laurent Ligne Y Petite leather tote $2,350
3.1 PHILLIP LIM The Pashli large shark-embossed leather trapeze bag $895
CHLOÉ The Marcie large leather satchel $1,795 (also love it in red and orange)


REED KRAKOFF Boxer 1 tri-tone leather tote $1,690 (also love the versions with calf hair)

What’s your fantasy bag?

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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