Some of my friends had an idea for a celebration & when the challenge was placed before me to carry out part of that plan & to find a fascinator that represented our school’s famous tricolour I had to accept. I first tried to take the easy way out – off to the bookstore to get a headband and some bows but they were more preppy than fun & the event had to be fun (our wonderful friend and labmate was defending her PhD Dissertation – she would be wearing this her first moments of being a DOCTOR!!).

So, I am not a DIY-er (indeed I still wax lyrical about my inspiration board because that is my only successful DIY to date), but I took it on. I got a lot of items because knowing me I was bound to mess up several times and I couldn’t run out of items with a civic holiday the day before the defense and the chance that everything would be closed!



As you see, a lot of options!

But, at the end of the day, I chose simplicity. I think the best fascinators we’ve seen are those that are simple and let the person shine. Looking back to the fashion disasters we have seen at events like the Royal Wedding, they were the ones that were huge and busy – they didn’t let you see the true person inside.

This was my final result.



As a second DIY project, I was pretty proud 🙂 Phillip Treacy (he’s the one that made fascinators famous and makes them for pretty much everyone) eat your heart out!

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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