In LA, there’s a great outdoor mall located next to the CBS studios and the Farmers Market called “The Grove”.


farmers market

I wouldn’t say that it is my favourite shopping location in Los Angeles – that title would probably go to either Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica which I visited for the first time this trip…

third street promenade…or Westfield Century City.

century city

However, the Grove is a fun place to walk around and a really cute location. Also, if you go during the week, you get to watch them film E! or Extra or Access Hollywood or one of those other shows that all blend together because they are not TMZ (it’s the one with Maria Menounos).

the grove

the grove

Since my last trip, Dylan’s Candy Bar had opened a location at The Grove and I was excited to check it out and pick out some fun LA souvenirs. Now, beyond my love of Candyland as a kid, I am not much of a candy person – but let me say that this place could turn me into one! It was so much fun to walk around in and I came away with a magnet, a cute sandal candy container that I plan on using as a pencil case, and what I was really hoping to get: LA themed gummies.



20130730-200941.jpgWishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods

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