Ooooh Karma! After two months of extreme monitoring of my diet and tons of exercising in order to meet my poolside challenge and look amazing at the Beverly Hilton, I was in LA and ready to put on my brand new bikini. However, the world got back at me for my extreme vanity and decided to change the forecasted weather in Beverly Hills. Gone was the expected sunshine and extremely hot weather, instead were lots of clouds and weather that was easily outdone by the sun and heat I had left behind in Eastern Canada. That’s right: two months of sacrifice for less than an hour poolside.

Never-mind, it was still beautiful & I am still proud of myself and, unfortunately, will always be more motivated by external rather than internal goals. I guess I must abide by the words of Al Pacino “Vanity is my favourite sin”.

beverly hilton pool

beverly hilton pool

beverly hilton

The lack of time spent at the pool did, however, leave more time for shopping and exploring! There is always an upside!

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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