The Shoe Department

So I teased you with this one yesterday! In a wonderful twist of fate, after seeing the Louboutin exhibit (check yesterday’s post for that), my friends and I went shopping in Yorkville and ended up getting to try on Louboutins at Holt Renfrew’s massive sale! It was so exciting because I never actually thought I would ever get the chance to wear them. As beautiful as they are, if I could afford designer shoes I would (in all honesty) probably buy Blahnik’s which are just as beautiful but also know for being very comfortable – as opposed to Louboutin’s which tend to err to the realm of limo shoes (good for sitting in and pretty to stand in but not practical for much else). They are works of art that I would display as opposed to wear. (Do you love the fact that I’ve already made these decisions even though my being able to afford these shoes are at least a decade away – if ever!)

However, I got to try on 3 pairs!!! One was an insane 7 inch heel with a three inch platform (talk about uncomfortable!). It was very ugly but we enjoyed the challenge of trying to stand (I failed and had to lean on shelving). It was, however, nice seeing what the world looks like for tall people. The second pair was much more realistic and manageable – hot pink with a red sole. The final pair was, however, my favourite and only the knowledge of how the bank would put me in debtors prison (do those still exist like in Dickens books?) if I bought them kept me from bringing them home. They were princess shoes: pink satin with a delicate ankle strap and a bow on the heel. I was, and still am, majorly in love.







And my loves:




I would like to acknowledge and thank the lovely people at Holts for letting us play dress-up and take pictures…and not kicking us out!

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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