A Dinner Party

Two weeks ago I threw a celebratory dinner party for a member of our lab. I would like to entertain a lot but everyone in our lab is on such different, busy schedules (I had to schedule this party two months previously in order to get the most people there), and most of my other friends don’t live here. Therefore, I seized the opportunity to FINALLY play hostess. As it was the first day of summer, people would be arriving at different times, and I wanted to enjoy the party instead of being stuck in the kitchen, I opted for a cold meal which could be prepared in advance. All the food turned out amazing (if I may say so myself) – though some of the desserts came out looking a bit burnt (they didn’t taste it, it was just that I have now learnt my lesson to always put flour or sugar over the butter in my pans and moulds so desserts stay a nice golden colour). On the menu: wild Atlantic salmon fillets, salad with homemade vinaigrette, kale chips, cheesecake topped with raspberries, madeleines, macarons (the only item I didn’t make myself), and, of course, bubbly.


champagnemoodscom atlantic salmon.jpg

chamapagnemoodscom madeleines.jpg

(And lots of pics of the cheesecake since it was so pretty!)

champagnemoodscom cheesecake.jpg

champagnemoodscom cheesecake.jpg

champagnemoodscom cheesecake.jpg

champagnemoodscom cheesecake.jpg

Tip: While everything else was made that morning or the day before, I made the cheesecake two days before as last time I made it (see here) that was how long it took to set and reach optimal flavour.

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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