Goodbye Jumbo!

They’ve been saying it for awhile but it seems to be official (especially when they start writing about it-click on the video): jumbo purses are out, small handbags are in. A year ago (heck, a couple months ago) this would have made me pretty upset. But, I realized that I’m pretty sick of having to stop and rummage through everything (a water bottle, cream, papers, etc.) in my purse to find an item. I’ve been sticking all these things in my purse and NEVER using them. So, save going to school and back, I have definitely been embracing this trend ( an example includes this post with my new J. Crew find). It is such a wonderful, clean, light feeling to have to sit and think about what you ACTUALLY NEED when you leave. Instead of a packing horse, one feels like a lady (think the Queen or a 50s starlet). I dare you to take the minimalist challenge. Here are some gorgeous handbags to help you through it. I guarantee that you will come back a changed woman, and a believer. It’s time to take small handbags and clutches out of the night and into daylight.

J. Crew Tartine Purse – definitely waiting for this to go on sale in red or the pinkish beige
Zara Leather Clutch
Zara Daytime Clutch
Halogen “Ella” Colorblock Crossbody Bag
Chloé ‘Marcie’ Calfskin Leather Crossbody Bag – A modified version of one of my favourites
Rebecca Minkoff (who’s amazing) ‘Mini M.A.C.’ Shoulder Bag

Hope this experience is as life-changing for you as it was for me!

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods





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