Happy Summer!

Sorry today’s post is super short (I apologize) because I have been prepping for a party tonight. I do, however, want to say one thing: HAPPY SUMMER!

I think if one song really sums up how I feel right now it is the one that follows – I honestly think it a song that characterizes how I fell about life: if the sun is out, everything is alright. Blare it out loud and enjoy the season!

P.S. A little interesting story behind the song (from George Harrison’s autobiography):

“Here Comes the Sun” was written at the time when Apple was getting like school, where we had to go and be businessmen: ‘Sign this’ and ‘sign that’. Anyway, it seems as if winter in England goes on forever, by the time spring comes you really deserve it. So one day I decided I was going to sag off Apple and I went over to Eric Clapton’s house. The relief of not having to go see all those dopey accountants was wonderful, and I walked around the garden with one of Eric’s acoustic guitars and wrote “Here Comes the Sun”.

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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