All dressed up for a beautiful day

A good friend submitted her PhD thesis yesterday and celebrations were bound to ensue. That and the sunshine had me in a wonderful state of mind and I decided to change from my boring school duds to some new items. I LOVE taking new clothing items out for a spin on a big event day, especially when you’ve had them standing by waiting for the perfect opportunity!




As you may have noticed, I tend to go for more structure in my skirts and dresses – when you’re short and curvy I find that they help to frame your body and show that you’re not just a short blob but that you have a waist! And hips! Haha But seeing everyone out in flowy summer dresses had me yearning for one and the classic pleats were very much my style.

It felt great! Unfortunately, I did not take the wind factor into account and after awhile outside promptly came home and put my shorts back on. Definitely wasn’t dressed up for the ensuing Menchie’s and open mic activities but the thought was there and summer can be felt!

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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