J. Crew & some beautiful videos

Over the weekend, Glitter Guide had an instagram competition for a J. Crew card. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but seeing all the pictures that people sent in really impressed me and reminded me of the label’s versatility.

I have had a bit of a J. Crew obsession since I first saw an amazing CNBC in-depth piece entitled “J. Crew and the Man Who Dressed America” which profiled the way the brand had turned itself around, as well as the man responsible for that change: Mickey Drexler. The way the company saw itself and the general way of thinking made sense to me – plus I love learning the behind the scenes of how beautiful clothes are made.

The thing about J. Crew though was the price – how could anyone afford it? Then, on a trip to Hawaii I entered my first J. Crew store and learned the best secret that has my J. Crew pieces slowly growing: the amazing thing that is the J. Crew sale. They are ALWAYS having in store and online sales and as long as you don’t get too attached to one piece, you can make it happen for a fraction of the original price (i.e. it can become very affordable). On that first trip, I walked out with two beautiful 100% silk scarves for under $30. Since, I have bought cashmere cardigans originally priced at around $100 for $25, as well as a nice array of beautiful accessories during magnificent sales. (Plus, they have a student discount if you show your ID!)

But what I really wanted to share today besides that little secret was why I liked it and why the eye-watering prices (though crazy and unaffordable) make sense: quality. J. Crew really aims to do things well and be creative and when they can’t do that, they go to people that do it better than they do and work with them. There were some examples in May’s issue of Fast Company (check out the articles online) but here are some beautiful videos that are the main reason for this post and detail the amount of time and effort that goes into putting together a beautiful, quality product – and has only increased the respect that I have had for J. Crew since first watching that CNBC documentary (disclaimer: I totally get the fact that these are videos designed to promote J. Crew but I go by the position that if even half of it is true then I’m happy!).

This first video has some quotes on clothing & suits that I absolutely loved:

In search of the ideal print:

Designing the best shoe:

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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