White Dinner Party

Have any of you heard of the White Dinner Party (or Dîner en blanc) held in Paris last week? My parents told me about it and it sounded FABulous! People receive “save the date” texts and messages long in advance (but only if you know someone who knows someone) and then minutes before (like a flash mob) you get a text telling you where to show. You show up dressed in your best white get-up, with a table, and cover it in white (the original organizers obviously loved white?). Then you deck your table with your best champagne and top culinary treats and drink, and dance, and eat the night away. I told you…fabulous!

It sounds like people around the world were particularly impressed this year as many cities seem to be planning on hosting their own – though because they’re sharing the planning, obviously without the covert James Bond don’t-know-when/where-you’re-going-thing which is half the appeal. However, look for one near you!

Hear are some clips from the event:

For this next one, fast forward to a minute in for how gorgeous it looked at night when everyone took out their sparklers (yes! sparklers too! Can it now make the transition from FABulous to DI-VINE?):

And I was impressed with the fact that our city was going to be showing movies outdoors in market square….

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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