Fit Fashion

One thing I enjoy about fashion is the mental gymnastics that it takes to try and stay true to your style and wear something nice in any scenario. One time when it definitely seems to fall to the back of my mind is when working out. My normal workout wear is an oversized promotional or university t-shirt and a very old pair of shorts or yoga pants. However, now that we are working out incredibly hard every day, I find myself having to constantly keep my eyes open for new deals on workout wear (or fit fashion, as I have decided to call it) because things have to go in the wash after every workout. In these situations, I try to look for something cute because I nice print or bright colour makes all the difference about getting excited to workout (and is a great reward for a job well done). I recently scored a pair of cute mint green shorts with white polkadots from a major sale at Lululemon but still have my eyes open for other deals. Here are some items that I like for fit fashion from around the internet:

From one of my favourite Golden Girls episodes: ‘Rites of Spring’ They all join a workout class, and Dorothy & Blanche get pulled into buying aerobics wear to “fit in”


I definitely want a pair of Nike Pro shorts (once I can squeeze into them!) they are very cute and come in an array of colours and patterns
A good motivational quote to look at in the mirror is always great to help you reach your workout goal


This colour combo always makes me think of the Beverly Hills Hotel – great motivation for a Hollywood body


I’m really having a polkadot moment this season

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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