Success is a mold

Success, my dear readers, success!

You know my love of madeleines (I’ve only chewed your ear off on them here, and here..and you don’t even have to actually hear me talk about them day in and day out OR be part of my exhaustive mental dialogue about them). They are my absolute favourite. I predicted their rise in popularity and, though it seems to be happening slowly, I was quite vindicated to notice that Starbucks is now selling them in packages by the cash. Now, I haven’t tried them, because I can’t imagine the horror of what’s inside something that could live for months without going bad at the cash register at Starbucks – but it’s a BEEE-AUTIFUL step up from granola bars. BRAVO, Starbucks, BRAVO!

Anyways, just like in “Under the Tuscan Sun” when they talk about the people in Italy who built the train tracks before the train was a possibility just because they wanted to be prepared and knew it would happen (what? you don’t remember that? how can you not remember obscure scenes from favourite romantic comedies of the past decade?), several months ago I bought a madeleines cookbook. You see, I knew, I KNEW, that I would find the mold for them eventually. And, just like another favourite, Benedict Cumberbatch on the case in Sherlock, I have been relentless in my investigation.  I’ve been making trips every couple weeks to Homesense & Winners ever since my parents found theirs in a Homesense store. (Yes, trips every couple weeks IS being relentless when you don’t have a car and it often requires scheduling your life through public transit and often coordinating your transfer between two different buses.) I knew at some point that it would make its way to my city and I could try to master the art of baking heaven.

But the wait was long…in fact, I even started to think about going to the dollar store and buying a muffin tin and making madeleine muffins – which as we all know is a complete sin. Proust (read here) did not write about muffins… he wrote about the seashell imprint and the little pregnant bump on the back, which, let’s face it, is accountable for 50% of its decadence.

Wasn’t this person clever?

So, I held off, and, yesterday, my patience was rewarded. There it was: a mold for 12 large madeleines at my local homesense. I snatched it up, held it to my heart, and skipped off to the cash.

And, so, the dilemma begins… You see – this wonderful buying success has come to me smack dab in the middle of my poolside challenge with only one month until the Beverly Hilton pool and I are reunited!! Quelle horreur! I even measured myself this morning and realized that I’d lost 6 inches, SIX INCHES!!! in the past month – and, now, I am faced with testing recipes for dozens of irresistable buttery, eggy, floury, sugary goodness! Hardly my daily greek yoghurt & fruit smoothie!

So, here’s the deal (because there’s always a solution where gluttony is involved): I will bake and try one (or two or….) from every batch to perfect it & then all of you that know me better start making sure that you are making it to our daily workouts because, dear labmates, you must ALL help me achieve my dual goals of getting my bikini body for LA AND conquering this pastry. First, there is the plain, then once that is mastered, half dipped in chocolate, then there’s almond, and then, I think lavendar, and then…….

Let the games commence! I shall keep you informed.

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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