A Night Out

The day before last weekend’s trip to Montreal, my parents sent me an e-mail with a very exciting line at the end with the following night’s plans: 8pm at Place des Arts Salle Wilfred Pelletier, balcony seats, Enrico Macias.

I have never jumped up and ran to the phone to call someone so quickly in my life. Turns out the tickets had been reserved for months to see one of our favourite French singers in concert for his 50th anniversary concert tour on one of only 2 nights that he was in Canada. In the middle of the excitement, and as I started blaring his songs in my apartment (sorry, neighbours!) to get ready, a key thought crossed my mind and stopped me in my tracks… Yes, dear readers, what was I to wear for this exciting occasion? The result was a favourite pink summer dress by Zara Woman evening wear and a comfortable but cute pair of wedges. It was also (finally!) an opportunity to take one of my prized pieces, my Clare Vivier clutch, out for its inaugural spin (I had been too scared of snow or rain to take it out beforehand). Adding a few of my favourite bracelets to the mix to accessorize and I was good to go!

It was a great night and he sang non-stop for TWO hours!! I have never seen a crowd so lively, involved, appreciative and having as much fun as this one (and believe me, I’ve been to my share of high profile concerts). All in all a wonderful night out to break the normal workout and a tv show routine and it was definitely a night I’ll remember for a long time to come. Thank you for the surprise!


A close-up of my beautiful clutch and other accessories:


Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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