The Gutsy Walk

For today’s post, I am taking a break from regular Champagne Moods content and wanted to share something that’s very close to my heart: the fight for a cure for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

I don’t want to bore you by writing an essay on it, so here is one of those fun (quick!) whiteboard videos covering the basics:

As you hopefully got from the video, Crohn’s & Colitis are serious chronic diseases that we should be working very hard to find out more about (in terms of general information, treatments, and cures). The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of Canada attempts to do just that and they do so by raising money to allocate to research and support. One method that they use to raise money is a national walk: The Gutsy Walk. I will be taking part in the Gutsy Walk this weekend and I would like to encourage you to support the walkers this weekend: whether by donating to the CCFC, run/walking yourself, or just being there for those around you who you suspect may be having difficulty as a result of IBD symptoms. The CCFC does a lot of good and their influence is felt in the IBD community. There is the opportunity for real change soon in the treatment of IBD as we are so close to many important breakthroughs. Your support is much appreciated.

If you want to learn more about IBD there is a lot of information available at and on youtube. In fact, here is one of my favourite videos where a Norwegian politician is given IBD by “remote control” – I must say that, in my opinion, they were very easy on him and that for many the experience is quite worse (especially in Canada where we don’t have the cards that let you get into stores’ private bathrooms or use them first if you’re in a line).

I promise that this is a rare type of post but I did want to share, so thank you for reading and your support of IBD awareness & research.

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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