Gifts for Graduates

Oh, graduation season! The hope, the tears, the smiles, the glory. I’ve been through quite a few graduations and even when I’m just on campus and not the one convocating, I love this time of year. Graduation gifts are so important and demonstrate what you are trying to convey: support for the years to come, congratulations for a job well done, etc. Here are some of my favourite graduation gift options for this year (for a range of prices):

The classic, lower-priced options:

A classic motivator – add a nice inscription with the date of the graduation inside the cover

Another low-priced option is school wear so insert picture of your graduate’s institution logo on t-shirt here.

If you are a group of friends wanting to get a gift for a friend but can’t spend too much, why not buy a bottle of bubbly and sign it a pretty gold or silver pen along with the date and a sweet message. Going forward, the bottle can be saved by the graduate (maybe even used as a vase) – and you can all have a night to remember helping your graduate finish it off.

Another option is a nice frame of your group of friends with the graduate that you all sign on the back (or on the picture).

In the medium to higher priced range there is always beautiful jewellery or a nice watch. Here are a few jewellery options from Tiffany and Co but it’s always great if you can find a local jeweller where you can find a less cookie cutter choice.



Of course, showing up for graduation is always the best gift!

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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