Oh, Prada!

To be honest, Prada hasn’t been on my radar for the past few years. I never really came across anything of theirs that really struck me and their purses seemed somewhat dull, and knockoffs seemed to be everywhere to the point that you couldn’t really tell which version was real and which was fake (an important skill that every lady should work on!). In fact, the whole faux-Prada thing even got its own part in the arc of one of our favourite movies: Serendipity (remember the Prada/Prado fiasco?). But, my goodness, has the label made a resurgence or what? Especially with those beautiful costumes created for The Great Gatsby (no, I don’t see a week coming by soon where I do not reference how much I loved this film…) – see some info on Prada & Gatsby here.

However, another aspect that has me applauding Prada is their line of handbags. I first, fell in love with their Saffiano tote about a year ago after seeing it showcased by Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere. I love the fact that it seems to combine two aspects of handbags that I love but can rarely find together: structure & roomy tote. I love the double zipper sections and all the different colours that I saw and fell in love with over at The Londoner who has a very impressive collection. I couldn’t even pick a favourite colour which is beyond rare for me (though I will always pass on black).

After continuously seeing it pop up, I fell more and more heartbreakingly in love (heartbreakingly because have you looked at that price tag! we’re talking PradA not PradO over here). However, two months ago, I made a bold prediction for this tote and one that has stemmed any envy I have of it: this is about to become THE knock-off item. Trust me.

Wanting to show it to my parents & get their opinion on the very definite chance that we win the lottery (but…I mean…even once winning the lottery could you ever justify a purse over a thousand dollars? And if you can, save up some more and go for a Kelly), on our last trip to Montreal I dragged them to Holt Renfrew to take a look. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in stock (as I said TREN-DY). However, then, my dear Champagne Moods crew, my heart fell all over again for its sister. A different Prada purse, The Prada purse, MY Prada purse. No doubt thinking that I was wealthier than I am with my newly cut and blow-dried hair, the salesperson made a BIG error of judgment and thought she had a sale (well, actually, I had a million dollars in the bank in my head and I was ALMOST at that “but it’s an investment” argument “let’s take out a mortgage on my rented apartment” stage – talk about code red for my bank account). Going along with it (THE SHAME!), I allowed her to lead me down the Prada-paved road: she took it off the security chain, she gave it to me, she walked me over to the mirror….and I made a dash out the door (not really! how that should have ended was…) and I took a picture saying that my father, Mr. Rockefeller, would want to see it before buying it for me, Miss J.A.P. (Jewish-American Princess). Then, my mother (and my guilt, and my bank account, and my need to back away slowly before making a move that would land me in jail – Prada jail? The wonderful thought!) dragged me away.

Can you see my glee? Can you see how we were made for each other? Your wedding invitation will arrive in the mail shortly.
Isn’t it beautiful? Can you see my glee? Can you see how we were made for each other? Your wedding invitation will arrive in the mail shortly.


I think I have visitation rights though! I’ll find out soon when I go back.

Thoughts on my true love? (or the original love that I immediately dropped like a cheap ______ for a different member of the family?)

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods



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