Make a statement

Until the poolside challenge is over and my goals have been reached, spending money on clothes doesn’t seem to make much sense (I mean, I do it…but it doesn’t make sense). As a result, my current spring wardrobe just seems to be a cycle of classic tees or polos with jeans/pants/shorts. Trying to find a way to spice the uniform up can be difficult this time of year. I’m definitely not wearing any blazers or scarves and finding other ways to make an outfit interesting can sometimes escape me. Enter a piece of statement jewellery. Whether costume or the real deal, it can make any uniform seem like a one of a kind. Thus, I spend most of my current online time dreaming about / browsing jewellery options. Here are some favourites – as always, click on images for original source:

Doloris Petunia – Etsy
Maybe a little Great Gatsby inspiration? Lulu Frost for J Crew
Another Lulu Frost for J Crew

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods



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