Poolside Challenge

I made it through most of winter intact but the last of the cold brought with it some unwanted insulation (in the form of lbs and inches). I have, therefore, set myself a poolside challenge. At the end of July, I will be at my favourite place: poolside at the Beverly Hilton; and I plan on looking fABulous.

beverly hilton champagnemoods.com

The Beverly Hilton is definitely home & when I’m there I want to look my best: thus the “poolside challenge”


One step towards that goal that has got underway this week is an INSANE workout challenge. The grad students in my department (mostly the girls!) are doing five exercise classes a week for the ENTIRE summer: three days sculpt & tone, two days spinning. We rely on an essential factor that we cover in a lot of our research: the importance of social support for adherence. (i.e. it helps when your legs hurt so badly that you walk at the speed of a tired turtle when everyone else is having trouble walking too and won’t make fun of you – and if they are all leaving the office to go to the gym, you aren’t getting away with staying in)

The spinning is the best part. I have always been SO SCARED of trying it because everyone just seemed to be killing themselves and I am not a fan of organized exercise classes in general. However, now, I am so upset that I took so long to try it because I LOVE IT! This is the final piece of evidence that proves something essential:


I’m really happy I’ve been proven wrong. It’s a valuable lesson to learn as I move towards hitting my quarter century in August.

This newfound hobby also has me enjoying this spinning clip from the Office, which has always been a favourite scene, even more:

I’ll keep you posted! I’m looking forward to some cute workout apparel as I reach my goals & fun new recipes.

Let me know if you want to join in my challenge! The main aspect is that whenever things get tough, you think of palm trees and sun.

Keep a spot by the pool free for me, Beverly Hilton. I’m a-comin’ 🙂


Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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