Cannes Film Festival Fashion

The Cannes Film Festival has really been (in my opinion) declining (fashion wise) in recent years. There just doesn’t seem to be any glam coming through in the photographs of the red carpets (perhaps only for the men, but not enough to make you say “WOW!”). Thankfully, we are only in the first days of the Festival but I am SO impressed and SO in love with everything I’m seeing. Here are some of my favourite pics from the first events which were for Gatsby (click on image for original source):

Carey Mulligan looking gorgeous for a photo-op early in the day

 A close-up of the detailing:

From Global News

For the actual viewing, she really blew me away:

P.S. Also need to find that lipstick

Jewellery close-up:

Nicole Kidman blew it out of the park. Her dress was just so pretty:

I was really happy with Isla Fisher’s choice, I’ve loved this dress since it showed up on the runway:

Don’t you just love the back on this gown:

The women weren’t the only ones to step up, check out Gatsby’s DiCaprio’s beautiful suit (love the piping!):

He was also a gentleman, giving his umbrella to one of his costar’s to help her protect her gown

P.S. I’m LOVING Audrey Tautou’s haircut (but, by the way, if I were to share a pic of myself when I was 4 you would see that I TOTALLY had it first):

Hopefully this Hollywood Glam will continue for the rest of the Festival. Fingers crossed!

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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