Work Attire

Some people get work attire so right and others…so, so wrong. I was privy to that so, so wrong look the other day. A guest speaker showed up wearing a too short, too tight dress, with mesh sleeves and pleather pannels. NOT a good look. I didn’t understand it: here was an obviously intelligent woman who had to prove herself to us as being smart because of how she presented herself instead of us assuming it from the moment we saw her. I felt like calling in What Not to Wear, they would have loved this. Since they weren’t there, here are some potential dresses that they may have suggested.

Jenni Kayne Sleeveless Dress


Osklen Tricot Dress
Topshop Lace Insert Shift Dress
Zara Floral Printed Tube Dress
Zara Shift Dress

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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