Instant pick me ups

There almost wasn’t a post today. After sitting in a chair without moving for five (I counted them) hours working on a project for school, the last thing I wanted was to sit and spend more time on the computer. But then, I realized that what I needed was a good pick me up to save the night (and more importantly, my mood). Currently, there are a couple items on that list and I thought I’d share:

1) Benedict Cumberbatch in ANYTHING

This is a recent (maybe about a two months old) addition to my list. I have quickly become completely addicted to this actor and his AMAZING work. He seems to change with every role: his look, his voice, everything – almost unrecognizable. You’ve probably heard a lot about him lately since he’s in the new Star Trek coming out and it says a lot for how into his acting I am that I am actually considering sitting through my first Star Trek anything. But, if you’re new and want an initiation, I highly suggest you watch one of the best shows ever made: BBC’s Sherlock.

I watched the two full seasons in about a week and I can’t wait (like, literally, can’t, keep thinking about the cliff hangar, troll the internet for spoilers while hoping I don’t find any because I’m into it so much I’m willing to wait in my impatience-ness) for Season 3. It is amazing, everyone in it does an incredible job and along with one of my favourite characters (Cumberbatch as Sherlock), the actor that portrays Moriarty has probably created my all time favourite villain. Check it out! Beyond a Sherlock episode and his amazing acting, what you will likely immediately notice is that he has one of THE best voices ever – to the point that I downloaded my first ever audiobook to listen to his voice in order to calm me down and relax.  He’s about to become insanely famous, he opened the London Olympic coverage for the BBC (see, but more importantly, listen here) and he seems to have become a proper movie star (this is the proof – by way of explanation of the clip, his fans call themselves (much to his chagrin) “Cumberbitches” – I won’t be taking on that moniker) and it couldn’t happen to a better actor.

….okay, fangirling should stop now! On to the next point:

2) My second and final share today is an oldie but goodie: my favourite movie moment of them all because it puts the three greatest singers in the same scene singing about what they know best and what I try to strive for here on Champagne Moods.

Its from one of my favourite movies (Robin and the 7 Hoods) and puts an instant smile on my face. I can’t imagine how fun that scene was to shoot and I love that you can see their joy on their faces. Here’s a little lesson from The Best:

Some other great moments from that film: expecting to find a bar the police show up to find that it has turned into a church here, and Sammy Davis Jr shows off his insane talent while destroying the competition’s gambling joynt in this clip.

What are your instant pick me ups?

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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