Montreal Smoked Meat

Culinary Montreal is synonymous with many things: bagels, poutine, bistro, fine dining, &
of course, smoked meat.

I haven’t partaken in this wonderful nod to my roots in quite awhile. I’m normally downtown but Schwartz’s hasn’t been good in quite awhile. Abie’s is the heir (or, actually now the ruler) of Schwarz’s throne, but too far if you don’t have a car. A wonderful compromise (of location – not smoked meat, which is excellent) is Snowdon Deli.

We visited for lunch on Friday and it gave that classic deli atmosphere: yentas mixed with deli aficionados. The matzoh ball soup was amazing and I loved watching the heaping plates (often only side dishes to even larger main courses), seen only in delis, leaving the kitchen.

Today I share one aspect of that, the heavenly goodness that is the Montreal smoked meat sandwich:


Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods


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