Rule Britannia

I have a super comfy couch. Seriously, one of those couches that you love to hate because you never want to leave it and fall asleep during movies and need to bargain with yourself using Pinterest thinspo & fitness board pictures to get yourself off of it to workout. Trying to put the final nail in my couch coffin, I have been searching for a pillow (to make my many hours of sleep on this couch comfortable for my neck and not just the rest of my body) for forever. During a recent trip to Simons during my trip to Montreal, my search was complete with a fully fluffy, equally comfortable, and super cute pillow (that matches the couch!).


Now, I don’t know which Simons buyer thought, given the current state of English-French relations in Quebec, that selling a Union Jack pillow at a store in downtown Montreal was a smart move but it was flying off the shelf, & I, for one, am happy he/she made that choice.

It finally completes a general theme that I had started (without even realizing it) in September during the university poster sale when I bought this lovely poster and put it over my TV (I liked the idea of looking out a window into bustling London – I always look at it and feel as if I’m there – years of studying imagery has made me particularly good at it).


This unknown theme was also supported with the book that takes pride of place displayed on my bookshelf.

The resulting mood totally fits my current angophile state of mind with my current love of blogger Rosie (of The Londoner), my Downton Abbey craziness, and new obsession with Mr. Selfridge, BBC Sherlock…and resulting crush on Benedict Cumberbatch (Rule Britannia indeed!).

My current British favourites

Rosie – my new blogcrush

Mr. Selfridge now on PBS
Ah-MAZING!!! every.single.second. & of course….Mr. Cumberbatch (the best voice ever, actually has me listening to audiobooks to relax…move over Jeremy Irons!)

Note. The pillow can be found online here (along with other cute options).

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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