Paris in Color


At the bookstore, I recently came across a lovely book entitled “Paris in Color“. Originally a blog, the author/photographer moved to Paris and, during her time there, took pictures of the city and then arranged them according to colour – providing a beautiful perspective of the city. What’s great is they aren’t the typical Paris shots (no Eiffel tower, etc.) so you get a  beautiful look into a little known Paris, like that wonderful feeling of being given a well kept secret for a trip to a city by your best friend. It’s the best Paris vacation I’ve had – including the one time I went there! It also has me noticing colour in my own city – I love this new way of looking at life.

Of note, is that the photographer, Nicole Robertson, has an etsy shop where you can purchase some of the prints online. I’m still undecided – I love the purple, pink, and yellow shots.

Here are some images from the book & the etsy shop (click on them for original source).




Five bubbles - Champagne Moods must have
Champagne Moods Rating:  Five bubbles – Champagne Moods must have

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