Closet Rich

One of my new favourite online obsessions is Closet Rich, a great website and online youtube series that redistributes closet wealth. My favourite aspect is the youtube closet rich series that needs to be turned into a weekly (preferably daily) TV show ASAP (are you listening to me Bravo? TLC? Slice? E!?…anyone? – or youtube Stylish channel should become an actual channel). The host and founder of Closet Rich, Elizabeth Kott, visits the homes of famous personalities and they donate item(s) from their closets for auction with the proceeds going to their favourite charity. Basically everyone benefits, including you: if you win, you get a gorgeous item of clothing and the knowledge that your money went to a good cause AND your closet is richer; and if you don’t participate or don’t win, you get to glimpse inside the closets of some of your favourite people! I got some great items through Closet Rich that I cherish and will value for a long time (will be featured later this month).

My favourite aspect of the show, however, is the host, Elizabeth. Having seen some of her interviews on youtube and read others online, she has turned into a huge inspiration for me: someone who went after her dream, knew what she wanted, saw a gap in the market, and is filling it (all while looking quite stylish!). I am definitely a fan and would love the opportunity to sit down with her and pick her brain.

THAT is a role model!

So please check out closet rich – it’s going to be everywhere very soon! Tell me what you think and do you have any items in your closet that make you closet rich?

Here are some parting cute (and true!) sayings for Closet Rich:

My favourite:

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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