Champagne Tastes, Beer Bottle Pocket: Perfume

The end of February is upon us, and as promised this brings the second monthly Champagne Tastes, Beer Bottle Pocket post focused on ways to live the Champagne Moods lifestyle on a tight budget. Today I am focusing on one of my favourite discoveries: The Perfumed Court.

I love different scents but lets face it – a perfumed life can be expensive. I rarely wear perfume due to a fear of irritating those that I spend time with – so I tend to wear it for myself at home or on weekends when I’m not working in closed quarters with others. As such, most perfume will lose its essence before I finish it and buying a whole bottle can be a waste, especially when I have not tried the scent in order to see whether it works for me – enter The Perfumed Court. This is an online shop that sells perfumes in small decant sampler sizes, giving you the opportunity to try top of the line perfumes at easy to swallow prices. I was very impressed by their service and excellent packaging when I tried a perfume that I couldn’t get my hands on and definitely can’t afford to order at $340 for 100ml: Frederic Malle’s Carnal Flower. It’s now an absolute favourite and one I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to get my hands on.

Some scents, especially with the new trend of a return to the original parfumier designed fragrance instead of celebrity fragrances, are definite champagne tastes, and now you can try them and feel luxurious on a beer bottle pocket.

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods

P.S. A lover of perfumes? Here is an interesting youtube video about the making of Frederic Malle’s line of perfume with some of his ideas on how to smell and store great perfume:


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