Weekly Food Challenge: Oscar Party

The news segments have started with the hosts of the various oscar parties displaying their menus and samples of their beautifully crafted meals. But the real question is: what will you be serving for your oscar party? We have tried everything from appetizers to desserts. My favourites, however, are always pizza (as seen in my Golden Globes post) or a smoked salmon sandwich. Today, I forward two ideas: an Oscar high tea party featuring a scone or my favourite: a smoked salmon sandwich.

Oscar tea party featuring English scones


I used Pippa Middleton’s recipe from her excellent year-round event planning book. The recipe was really quick and simple and the flavour is excellent, but as you can see from the fact that mine don’t seem particularly doughy and don’t show any signs of rising – don’t make my mistake of thinking you can substitute regular all purpose flour for self-rising flour: make the extra trip to the supermarket. I put cream cheese and strawberry jam on mine but use your imagination and provide a variety of options for your guests. You can also bake them in a variety of flavours (my next plan is a nod to the Honolulu Coffee Company’s lemon and ginger scone – to die for!).

champagnemoods.com pippa middleton scone

champagnemoods.com scones pippa middleton

Smoked Salmon Sandwich

My failsafe and favourite Oscar choice. I suggest putting together a buffet with all the different topping options people might like (and, if you’re really fancy, different types of smoked salmon). If I were at your party, this is how I would construct mine:

champagnemoods.com smoked salmon sandwich

champagnemoods.com smoked salmon sandwich

champagnemoods.com smoked salmon sandwich

champagnemoods.com smoked salmon sandwich

champagnemoods.com smoked salmon sandwich

The perfect bite
The perfect bite

Happy Oscars!

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods



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