Kouign Amann

During my trip to Montreal in October (blogged here), I shared my love for the wonderful patisserie Bretonne Kouign Amann. While home over the holidays, my parents and I gave it a try. It was incredibly tasty though very rich. The trick for this delicious pastry is to eat it straight out of the oven. We added apples which gave it great flavour but also caused some holes in the dough making it look more rustic than pastry-shop perfect but that can only be a plus.

At this link you can find a video of the professional from the pastry shop I visited in my Montreal post explaining how to bake it, but if you don’t speak french here are the steps broken down:

1) Take regular dough – form it into a ball

Kouign Aman 1 champagnemoods.com

2) Roll the dough into a rectangle shape

Kouign Aman 3 champagnemoods.com

3) Cut 300g worth of butter in thin slices and place in the center of the dough (leave a border) then cover the butter with sugar

Kouign Aman 5 champagnemoods.com4) Our optional step: put sliced apples on top of the butter & sugar

Kouign Aman 6 champagnemoods.com

5) Fold over the borders

Kouign Aman 9 champagnemoods.com

6) Fold over the dough, then roll it out four times (no more!)

Kouign Aman 10 champagnemoods.com

7) An example of how thin to roll out the dough (try to avoid the hole – oops, it’s the apples’ fault, I promise!)

Kouign Aman 11 champagnemoods.com

8) Fold into a nonstick pan, cover with maple syrup. Then stick it into an oven preheated to 425F for about 30 min. Turn it over around half way into baking.

Kouign Aman 14 champagnemoods.com

The amazing final product:

Kouign Aman final champagnemoods.com

Champagne Moods Rating:

Five bubbles - Champagne Moods must have
Five bubbles – Champagne Moods must have

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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