Little Parisian Kitchen – Rachel Khoo

I have a new celebrity chef crush – Rachel Khoo (actually, she’s doesn’t take the name “chef” but instead calls herself a “food creative” – I must admit that I’m not entirely sure what that is).  Already a personality in Europe, her show (to my knowledge) has yet to have crossed over to North America – and I can’t wait until it does. Her cookbook (“The Little Parisian Kitchen”) is beautiful, makes classic French food and desserts look simple and approachable, and she is incredible relatable (and could be something of a fashion icon with her cute dresses and swipe of dramatic red lipstick) – reading her cookbook and watching her clips makes you want to follow her example by dropping everything and making a new life soaking up a culture abroad.

I have been reading through her cookbook, constantly changing my mind over what to make first (I’ve settled on a pastry recipe for next week’s inaugural lab lunch); as well as watching clips of her show over and over again online. She is going to be huge once her show gets here! Check out some clips below – have you tried any of her recipes yet?

Her take on one of my favourite indulgences:

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods

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