Advanced Style (Book Review) with a bit of Mr. Astaire

I’ve been seeing the book “Advanced Style” around a lot, and finally picked it up at the local library. The book, written by a blogger (Ari Seth Cohen, check out blog here) who has examined streetstyle of the older generation, provides some of his top images and quotes from the stylish ladies (and one gentleman). It is nice to see that you don’t have to fall into a life of comfy clothes and ugly shoes once you get older. In fact, there is much to admire and learn from the individuals profiled and many of the clothes are items many of us would covet and try to put together ourselves. My favourite part was the quotes – showing how much one grows, stops worrying about what others think, and comes into ones own. In fact, it makes one excited to be old or strive to incorporate a little old-age thinking into our twenty-something lives.

Here are some of my favourite quotes (with source when known):

“Fie on women in sneakers and sweats!” – Alice Carey

“I don’t believe in age-appropriate dress; just make your personal statement and feel confident about it. Tomorrow is another day and another look.”

“I think most people give up. In some ways you should always be in love and never say I can’t wear that because of my age. It’s all how you feel.”

“When you are younger, you dress for other people. When you are older, you dress for yourself.” – Linda

“Some might see it as gray hair, age, genetics, stress, etc. I see it differently. I see it as platinum elegance.” – Lubi

Ruth, a 100-year old that does Pilates and weight lifts, never leaves the house without being perfectly dressed because “you never know whom you may meet on the way to the mailbox.”

“Whenever you’re in a difficult situation ask yourself. ‘How would Fred Astaire handle this?'” – Mary

My guess is that he would put on his top hat, white tie, and tails… 

basically anything to be puttin’ on the ritz!


“I thought I’d be an old lady with a cane who keeps on dancing, and it looks like this has come true.” – Jacquire Tajah Murdock  (Another one from her: “Some people let themselves go. They say, ‘oh, I’m old now.’ But my mind is still young.”)

A documentary also exists that highlights these fabulous women:

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Three bubbles - Champagne Moods suggestion should you get the chance
Three bubbles – Champagne Moods suggestion should you get the chance

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