Champagne Moods Revamp

Champagne Moods has been growing this month and I thank all of you for coming to visit everyday. Your continued reading means a lot to me – Champagne Moods, its readers, and ways to make it even more enjoyable to you is always in the back of my mind. Thus, I am pleased to present some new ideas for the blog and welcome any feedback you may have.

1) Champagne Moods Five Bubbles Rating System

I realized that I LOVE many things – which makes sense because why would I share anything that I didn’t like with you. However, it’s time that I broaden the types of items I share and present and this requires a rating system or the Champagne Moods Five Bubbles Rating system. Writing about a cookbook, you can trust me to be honest about its level of brilliance with that evaluation as follows:

Five bubbles - Champagne Moods must have

Five bubbles – Champagne Moods says “Open up another bottle! I want some more!”

Four bubbles - Champagne Moods recomm

Four bubbles – Champagne Moods recommended: “Garçon, pour another glass!”

Three bubbles - Champagne Moods suggestion should you get the chance

Three bubbles – Champagne Moods suggests “Try it if you’re in the neighbourhood.”

Two bubbles - Champagne Moods suggests a different vintage

Two bubbles – Champagne Moods suggests a different vintage

One bubble - Champagne Moods suggests a different occasion

One bubble – Champagne Moods suggests crashing a different party.

2) Favourite pins post replaced by weekly challenge

My Friday favourite pins of the week post gets the least amount of traffic and therefore I’m thinking it’s not your favourite. As such, I am deciding to try a new series in its place: the weekly cooking challenge. Every week, I am going to try to jazz up life by being creative and challenging myself to cook a new dish – from different types of pizzas to cheesecake, I’m excited to meet the challenge and am open to any recipe suggestions.

3) Champagne Tastes, Beer Bottle Pocket

Named after the famous Eartha Kitt song, this post will provide a tip on living the champagne moods lifestyle on a modest budget (and, let’s face it, as a PhD student that means it’s my champagne moods life with no budget). This new series will appear on the last day of every month (i.e. bill payment time). I encourage you to send ideas of items you want to find ways to economize on to challenge me.

What do you think? What would you like to see on Champagne Moods? Can’t wait to read your comments!

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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