Desk dilemma

It’s almost needless to say that your desk is an essential part of your working environment and productivity. I distinctly remember being 6 or 7 and my uncle taking me to his office, showing me his desk, and saying “you see, it’s organized, that’s how you succeed.” A mantra continuously reinforced every time I stepped into my parents’ own offices. However, besides being neat, your desk is also a way of representing yourself to your employers and colleagues (indeed, Kevin O’Leary, of Dragons Den and Shark Tank fame, devoted some space in one of his books to describing what you should have on your desk and what will result in you being overlooked or not taken seriously). At work, I try to ascribe to a rule: not too sparse that it looks like an empty desk when you leave at the end of the day but not cluttered and overrun with personal items. I have some pictures I love, a framed picture of me and my parents from my master’s thesis defense, and then only work items.
But don’t worry: there is still a way to portray yourself as stylish and show your personality without looking crazy. Here are some of my favourite methods:

A cute datebook courtesy of J Crew:


Pretty notepads for personal notes and to do lists from Kate Spade:


Instead of sticky notes, class things up with note cards (these are from Russell + Hazel):


And, finally, use writing implements that bring back good memories or were gifted from loved ones. No need for Mont Blanc here – I would be too scared to use it!


What do you do with your office space?

Wishing you the best of everything,
Champagne Moods

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