Book Shelf Decorating

I love my books and spend much time organizing and reorganizing my book shelves at home (about 5 to be exact). There were so many options, organizing them by: language, alphabetically by author, theme, height (or any combination of these)…. One option that caught my eye when reading Emily Schuman’s book “Cupcakes & Cashmere” was arranging them by colour. It gave a very clean look to the bookshelf and made the shelf an extension of the careful decorating of the rest of the house. I decided to tackle this idea in my new apartment (where I have fewer books). There are still some issues: multicolour book spines and rare colours that don’t fit in with the rest. There are also other problems that may arise in the future: the same author or book series with different coloured spines, books that you want to keep together but have different colours, etc. However, for now, I am really enjoying it. Here is a sneak peek at my book shelf currently, using a picture I put together for a Club Monaco & Coveteur competition featuring my gloves (previously featured here):


Here are some other lovely bookshelves that I have come across on Pinterest (click on images for the original source):





Check out my “For the Home/For the Office” pinterest board for more bookshelf ideas. How do you organize yours?

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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