Alpine Pizza/Golden Globes Party Night

I love award season and make it my personal mission to make my night special and not just watch other people having a special night. This normally means going all out with food. For this evening, I took my first stab at making a pizza on my own (and also without any kitchen aid mixer to knead dough for me!). I followed this recipe for the dough (probably the easiest dough recipe I’ve seen or worked with), courtesy of the show and cookbook “Two Greedy Italians”. I love this particular italian cookbook because it provides a lot of original hard to find recipes and doesn’t just give you 500 different ways to make pasta. On top, I added some roasted brocollette (a new veggie that I discovered at Costco and is defined as a mix between broccoli and Chinese kale), mushrooms, roasted peppers, rosemary, provolone, and whole plum tomatoes torn up to provide a sauce.

The dough before proofing
The dough before proofing
Ready for the oven
Ready for the oven

pizza out of the oven

A close-up
A close-up

I then put on my Beverly Hilton robe in honour of the Golden Globes’ home:

Hilton robe


…and sat down to watch the Red Carpet which, frankly, I found uninspiring. I did, however, have three favourites (Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence & Michelle Dockery) and one definite worst dressed (Jessica Chastain – the most unflattering top half ever). In terms of jewelry, Olivia Munn’s necklace took the cake; and for the men, I was impressed by Eddie Redmayne (who seemed to be the one of the few bright lights in Les Mis) & Bradley Cooper who completely owned his tux. (Click on pictures for original sources) What were your thoughts?

Jennifer Lawrence
Well done, Lady Mary!
And a close-up since it’s so exquisite!


Jessica Chastain


Eddie Redmayne


Bradley Cooper

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods

P.S. A little outtake:

I was so completely horrified by the packaging of the tray I used for my pizza which came from Italy (via Winners) and was advertising how perfect it was for frozen pizzas!!! Imagine living in Italy and buying Delissio? I am in shock – completely shocked, horrified, and disgusted. In case you don’t believe me (which I wouldn’t if I were you), here’s the awful proof:



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