Top Secret: Boxing Day Apparel & Accessories Brief

Boxing Day is a-coming and, like any professional shopper, it’s important to go in with a plan. My plan is always to spend the days before soaking up the websites of the stores I plan to visit. I store all the items in my head, making special note of those I want. Then, on Boxing Day, I can tell any item on my list from a distance. I circle the store picking them out without needing a second thought – taking time deciding what you want in the store is not a privilege awarded to us on this day – you must work by gut instinct. Therefore, here is a peak at some of the items that I will be making a bee-line for this Boxing Day (& Week), praying that they will be on sale. Be sure to check back tomorrow for my beauty file. Remember that this is top secret, so burn after reading!


1 – Jcrew Peplum Dress 

2 – Jcrew Edie Purse 

3 – Jcrew Wild Side Wide Bangle 

4 – Zara Skirt with Front Patches 

5 – Clare Vivier Flat Clutch Striped (previously featured here)

6 – Club Monaco Nicole Haircalf Glove

Wishing you the best of everything,

Champagne Moods


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