New Leather Jacket

I have been looking for a leather jacket for a long time but none really fit me properly. They either have too much going on by the bust, hit at the biggest part of the hips, or fit one of these body parts and not the other.

I was starting to give up hope before I was in Montreal and came across this jacket by Zara. It’s cloth and leather and I love it. It’s incredibly comfortable and warm, and stylish enough to take from daywear to a night out.


Some of the things I like most about it is the diagnoal bottom which doesn’t cut me off at an awkward point (see complaint about hips above), therefore lengthening the body and providing a distinct look:


I am happy to have finally found my (semi)leather jacket 🙂


The diagonal zippers are unique and provide a shape to the jacket and to the person wearing it.



Sorry about the low quality of the pictures – they were taken hurriedly before running out to join friends for a drink.

Wishing you the best of everything!

Champagne Moods


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