Optical illusion dress

Optical illusion outfits have been part of the mainstream for awhile and for obvious reasons are sticking. Perfect examples of these outfits are one of the originals by Stella McCartney worn to perfection by Kate Winslet:

The different shades between the rest of the dress and the chest makes the chest look larger and lifted. The black panels make one appear slimmer

Recently, Pippa, wore a similar look to perfection at the release of her book. She managed to look like she had a waist to rival Scarlet O’Hara’s :

I have a knock-off of the Stella McCartney dress that I purchased during Boxing Day sales last year at Zara’s. I wore it this past weekend at a conference, and have never received so many compliments on an outfit. The dress is a firm favourite and also manages to be incredibly comfortable. Needless to say, my optical illusion dress is here to stay.

My version:




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